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Coping with the Holiday Blues

Despite the festivities and excitement that surround the holiday season, the holiday months can

be a tough time for many people. Holiday time can aggravate feelings of loneliness and

depression, especially for those who are grieving over a loss, feeling isolated from loved ones,

or simply dealing with normal, day-to-day feelings of stress and anxiety.

Though this time of year can certainly have its challenges, these five useful tips can help you

get through the holiday season:

1. Share your feelings. Make an effort to open up to others you trust and share how

you’re feeling. Not only can this be a therapeutic practice, but will give others the

opportunity to also share their own feelings with you which can be a powerful bonding

experience. If you find yourself without anyone you trust, seek the services of a local

therapist who can help you improve your mental health and be a source of guidance.

2. Make plans with others. Just because you may not have close friends or family

members around doesn’t mean you don’t have people in your life. Ask a co-worker out

for coffee or go to a fitness class with a neighbor. Making plans with others will keep you

busy and give you things to look forward to, making for a more meaningful holiday


3. Practice self-care. Often times in the midst of the holidays, people forget to take care

of themselves. Practicing good self-care habits, such as eating healthy, engaging in

regular fitness and getting enough sleep can have a significant impact on your physical

health and mental well-being. Making an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle will allow you to

live a more balanced lifestyle and handle emotional challenges you may face during the


4. Limit social media use. Though technology certainly has its benefits, looking at

pictures on social media of others having a fun time can worsen feelings of loneliness or

depression. Instead of browsing your Facebook and Instagram feeds, focus on yourself

and make your own plans. Rather than comparing yourself to others, remember to be

thankful for what you have in your life.

5. Find new outlets. Everyone needs outlets in which they can release stress, relax and

unwind. Whether it’s an outdoor recreational activity or reading a book at your favorite

coffee shop, make time to participate in things that boost your spirits. Finding new

hobbies can provide a great source of comfort during the holidays, also giving you

opportunities to meet new people and get outside your comfort zone.

Incorporating the tips above in your lifestyle will do wonders for your health and well-being

during the holidays. Take it easy on yourself, and, if you are experiencing feelings of extreme

loneliness or depression, remember to always seek support from a professional therapist.

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