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Selecting the right Therapist in San Antonio is a highly personal decision, one that’s often made in times of duress. With so many options, I encourage you to take the time you deserve to make an informed decision about your therapy. 


Your selection may best be informed by relevant information about his or her qualifications and your experience of feeling comfortable and understood as you begin therapy. I invite you to explore this site to gain a sense of my mindset as well as my approach. If you think that I may match your needs, please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation.

I specialize in helping people develop more satisfying relationships. The working relationship between client and therapist is itself a medium through which it can be possible to learn how to better relate to significant people in your life. I actively converse with clients and offer feedback and direction, while also providing room for clients to self-reflect.


A significant focus of my San Antonio practice involves working with the LGBTQ community. Other areas of focus include: depression, anxiety, codependency, relationship issues, mood disorders, and coping skills.

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