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Have You Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? Check Out These Treatment and Management Tips

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn for help. Taking steps to get control of your bipolar disorder will help improve treatment outcomes and allow you to achieve better health and well-being. As you begin your treatment journey, here are some key tips for treating and managing bipolar disorder:

Lifestyle Management

Fortunately, there are many things in your life that you can control in managing your disorder. Lifestyle changes can do wonders in regulating mood swings and improving how you feel mentally and physically. Some lifestyle management tips may include committing to a regular sleep schedule; avoiding alcohol and drugs; maintaining a well-balanced diet; and minimizing stress through social activities and daily exercise. Reflecting on your current lifestyle choices will allow you to make the best decisions moving forward in terms of your overall health and well-being.

Educate your family and friends about your disorder.

Though it may seem embarrassing or difficult to discuss at first, educating those close to you about your bipolar disorder will allow them to better understand what you’re going through and how they can help. In fact, involving family members and friends in your treatment plan whenever possible can be impactful in helping you track your symptoms and behaviors, as well as receive encouragement and positive feedback and support.

Commit to working with a therapist.

Therapy is an incredible component of any treatment plan; however, it’s most effective when done regularly. Working closely with a therapist can be powerful in helping you deal with bipolar disorder in a healthy and productive way. Most importantly, therapy will give you the vital tools to cope with difficult feelings and challenges; help you build stronger relationships; and allow you to channel your emotions in a way that’s not destructive to yourself or those around you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it’s important to consider how therapy can be integral to your treatment plan. Get in touch with Joseph Montaldi, LCSW, based in San Antonio, Texas, at (210) 722-4714.

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