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Diagnosed with COVID? Three Tips to Manage Your Mental Health

Have you recently been diagnosed with COVID-19? With so much information out there about the virus, this diagnosis can be overwhelming and cause your thoughts to spiral out of control. Maintaining self-care and awareness about your mental health is always important, but it’s especially critical after being diagnosed with an illness like COVID. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with COVID, here are some tips to effectively manage your mental health:

Acknowledge your feelings.

Once you’ve been diagnosed, understand it’s ok to feel upset, frustrated, or angry. Channeling these emotions in a healthy way – such as connecting with loved ones, mediating, or speaking with a therapist – can impact how you mentally get through the duration of your illness. Give yourself permission to process your feelings while you take time to heal and recover physically.

Understand the difference between mental and physical symptoms.

COVID can cause a wide array of symptoms which can affect you both mentally and physically. As the illness progresses, it’s imperative to understand how a mental symptom differs from a physical symptom. Often what is a mental symptom can be confused as a physical ailment, which can often lead to increased anxiety. For example, if your chest feels tight, this may be the result of anxiety or panic. By understanding the mental health component of being sick, you can better manage feelings of stress and worry while your body fights the virus. If you’re unsure of how to decipher between mental and physical symptoms, it’s always best to be examined by a doctor who can treat you properly.

Let go of what’s out of your control.

Unfortunately, an illness especially like COVID-19 is largely one that’s out of our control. While you may be treating the illness with prescribed medications or home remedies, it’s best to let nature run its course. Unfortunately, you may encounter judgment from others and feelings of loneliness or sadness. To combat these types of feelings, keep yourself focused on what you can control – such as getting plenty of rest and eating healthy – as well as staying busy with activities at home that bring you joy. The more you can release yourself from negativity, the easier it will be to heal and find a sense of peace.

There’s no doubt that being diagnosed with COVID-19 can cause many feelings and emotions during the healing and recovery process. However, being mindful of how you handle your diagnosis will help you get through your illness in the best way possible.

Are you looking for an experienced therapist? Get in touch with Joseph Montaldi, LCSW, based in San Antonio, Texas, at (210) 722-4714.


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