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New Year, New You: Reasons to Seek the Support of a Professional Therapist in 2017

The arrival of 2017 is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make changes for

the upcoming year. While on the surface it may not seem like you need a therapist,

seeking professional support can do wonders in helping you shake off lingering

negativity in your life and gain a positive perspective on your future.

Here are some reasons to consider the support of a professional therapist in 2017:

1. Dissatisfaction with work or personal life:

Even with the dawn of a new year, remnants of issues from the prior year will still

be lingering. Help from a therapist can help ease stress and give you the tools to

start the year off on a positive track. Whatever happened in the previous year is

now in the past, and professional support can help free you of past problems or

issues that could potentially continue to exist.

2. Substance abuse:

It is not uncommon for people to lapse into higher levels of substance abuse

during the holiday season, thus becoming less focused and not feeling the same

as they once were. Addressing these temptations and seeking help sooner rather

than later can curb any attempts at a change in normal habits and keep your

mind and body in sound shape.

3. Feeling depressed or downtrodden:

Even though people typically associate holidays and the new year with

happiness and excitement, this time of year can just as easily have an adverse

effect on one’s health and well-being. Comparing yourself to your peers and

trying to keep up with others on social media can make you feel depressed or

unhappy about the year ahead. It’s important not to allow these feelings to

become habitual, and seek the help and counseling of a professional therapist to

reframe your thoughts.

Whether it be the loss of a family member or a relationship problem, events that

may have occurred in the prior year will still be there this year. Being able to rid

yourself of circumstances holding you back will improve your mental health and

prevent feelings of sadness in the future.

A professional therapist can help you start the new year off right, helping to cleanse you

of negativity or harmful behaviors that may have been weighing you down. The sooner

you take the first step, the better you’ll feel.

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