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Tips for Avoiding Holiday Addiction Relapses

The holiday season can be one of great excitement and fun with family and friends, but one that

can also involve many drug and alcohol related situations. As such, the holidays can make it

difficult to stay focused on your heath and avoid harmful temptations that may surface. To avoid

a potential addiction relapse, here are some tips to help you enjoy the holidays and stay on the

right track:

Spend time with others you trust. One of the easiest ways to combat a potential addition

relapse is by surrounding yourself with others who have your best interest in mind. Close and

trustworthy family members will not entice you with temptations of drugs or alcohol, and you’ll

feel more comfortable in settings where you won’t feel pressured by others. A close support

network is the best way to avoid succumbing to your own instincts.

Find other activities and hobbies. It’s very important to find hobbies and other activities

you enjoy to keep your mind off of your vices. Enrolling in fitness classes or volunteering can

significantly help you avoid the lure alcohol or drugs. Being the holiday season, doing some

shopping for friends or family can also be a great way to keep you in the right frame of mind.

Hone your willpower skills. Honing your willpower skills will be crucial during the holiday

season, particularly if you find yourself in the presence of alcohol or drugs. While the best

advice would be to avoid being around your temptations all together, more than likely you will be

in a scenario or environment where you’ll have to exhibit willpower. If needed, don’t hesitate to

leave a situation in which you may be easily enticed to make a mistake.

Establish a healthy sleep cycle. Being well rested and maintaining healthy sleep patterns

will help you remain less susceptible to addition relapses. A solid sleep cycle will also give you

energy to engage in your other activities and hobbies, which are important outlets in helping you

stay focused on your lifestyle goals.

Avoid the presence of alcohol and drugs. As simple as it sounds, remaining in your

comfort zone and skipping out on a party or two may be the best way to avoid relapse. While

strong willpower can overcome many challenging scenarios, testing your willpower frequently is

not the best idea for some recovering from addiction. By putting yourself in positive situations,

you’ll manage to enjoy the holiday season without being reminded of your former additions.

Use the holiday season as a time to improve your health and make the best choices for your

future will lead you down a positive path for the new year. And, remember, always seek help

and support by those you trust if you feel yourself going down the wrong road!

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